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Inverted Investment supports 13 innovative projects, including INFI CDEX, a digital trading platform. INFI is the foundation of our ecosystem governed by the ©SbSe Protocol, connecting the digital realm with various industries. Our goal is to evolve the ©SbSe Protocol into a digital WEB4-based payment framework, providing eco-friendly and cost-effective benefits for clients and customers.

Our concept

Our Concept

Backed by ©SbSe Protocol

Our main goal is to safeguard users' personal information on our latest WEB4 platform by implementing the ©SbSe Protocol. We are preparing to introduce a centralized platform that is more transparent and user-friendly, offering passive income opportunities to both seasoned and novice individuals in the field of cryptocurrency services and traditional finances.

User-Friendly Experience

At Openwebfour, we prioritize user experience. Our platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, ensuring that both seasoned cryptocurrency enthusiasts and beginners can easily access and utilize our services. 

Safeguarded & Transparent

Earn while using it

Simple and online application process

Centralized with core banking principles

Ideal for storing INFI and Bitcoin crypto assets

Appropriate for personal transactions

Facilitating daily purchases

Settling utility bills

Safeguarded by Mastercard ID Check

Online shopping capabilities (Visa, Mastercard)

Ensures passive income

Globally usable (automatic, free currency exchange within the country)

Supported by Banks and Financial Institutions

Connecting traditional finance with the decentralized realm of cryptocurren

We are committed to offering our users the greatest value for their investment. Our platform is built on passive incomes, ensuring everyone maximizes the benefits from their daily and cryptocurrency transactions. With Openwebfour, you can enjoy cost-effective services without compromising on quality.

The Ecosystem

Backed by Inverted Investment, the esteemed organization built on a foundation of INFI holders

INFI MultiChain

INFI MultiChain CDEX operates as a subsidiary of Inverted Investment, a distinguished organization established by INFI stakeholders. The primary token within our ecosystem is INFI. Our portfolio comprises a diverse array of cutting-edge products such as INFI CDEX - a Trading Platform, ©SbSe Protocol - a self-building smart ecosystem, and the INFI wallet - representing a pioneering concept in the realm of WEB4. Notably, we are committed to distributing 60% of our profits to INFI holders in the form of USDT and Bitcoin.


The INFI Wallet

The INFI Wallet goes beyond being a simple wallet, it represents the essential upgrade that the WEB3 realm requires. With its advanced features and functionalities, the INFI Wallet is instrumental in shaping the future of blockchain technology. By offering a centralized platform for managing digital assets, it serves as a bridge between conventional finance and the decentralized realm of cryptocurrency. Our aim is to introduce a transparent and user-friendly WEB4 platform, providing passive income opportunities for both crypto-savvy individuals and newcomers, and establishing connections between traditional financial systems and the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.


The ©SbSe Protocol

The entire ecosystem is governed by the proprietary ©SbSe Protocol, which serves as a self-builder smart ecosystem. By leveraging the ©SbSe Protocol, we seamlessly connect the digital world with various industries, including food and beverage, real estate, leisure, business, export, and pharmaceuticals. Our primary objective is to transition the ©SbSe Protocol into a digital WEB4-based payment structure. This transformation is set to create a cost-efficient and energy-saving system that minimizes waste and generates financial incentives for both clients and consumers. To achieve this vision, we have assembled a team of experienced, qualified, and dynamic professionals who are committed to implementing and advancing the INFI network.

The Ecosystem


Services & Quick links

OpeWebFour represents the entire Inverted Investment ecosystem and operates under the support of Inverted Investment, a reputable institution founded on INFI Holders, with INFI serving as the primary coin/token within the Inverted Investment framework. Possessing INFI provides a seamless means to acquire a stake in Inverted Investment. Our primary objective revolves around collaborative creation for the community, a commitment underscored by our transparent profit-sharing model. We distribute 60% of profits monthly, with 50% allocated in USDT and 10% in Bitcoin, ensuring visibility and inclusivity for all stakeholders.

Competitive Advantage of ©SbSe Protocol We are focusing to expand our product in everyday life. How we can achieve that? Our primary objective is to transition the ©SbSe Protocol into a digital WEB4-based payment structure. This transformation aims to create a cost-efficient and energy-saving system that minimizes waste and generates financial incentives for both clients and consumers.

Inverted Investment

Pitch Deck

Competitive Advantage of INFI CDEX Exchange The INFI CDEX Exchange and Launchpad function as a trading venue for cryptocurrency-focused projects that adhere to the copyrighted ©SbSe Protocol. Our platform emphasize security, supported by top cyber security firms. Additionally, the INFI CDEX Exchange implements a unique liquidity management approach. To safeguard against fraud, a 48-hour compensation system is in place to protect investors. Notably, user digital devices and wallet keys are safeguarded, ensuring heightened security. Moreover, our platforms are cost-free for new project creators, serving as incubator and offering users passive income opportunities.

INFI MultiChain CDEX

Roadmap and Tokenomics

Competitive Advantage of WEB4 The integration of the ©SbSe Protocol into INFI Wallet ensures seamless and secure transactions between various platforms, simplifying the use of cryptocurrencies for all users without storing any personal data from its users. INFI Wallet, with its banking fundamentals, provides a reliable and trustworthy platform for managing digital assets. The monthly passive income rewards serve as an incentive for users to use the wallet for their transactions and encourage others to do the same.


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